David Adefeso Shows His Bad Hair Day To Fans

David Adefeso is a celebrity and social media personality known for his online videos, which often feature him performing stunts such as riding unicycles while juggling. He has more than 600k followers on Instagram and 7 million fans on YouTube.

David Adefeso, the creator of “bad hair day” showed his bad hair day to fans. The video has over 50 million views and is a great example of how YouTube can be used as a marketing tool.



David Adefeso is displaying his poor hair day to his admirers and followers. Visit his blog to see what he’s been up to.

‘Guys have terrible hair days too,’ David adds, adding, ‘#locs #black #hairstyle #locstyles #locjourney.’

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‘David… quiet!’ said someone. There’s nothing wrong with your hair. This Jamaican would know, haha…. but honestly, it looks great. ‘Have a wonderful weekend.’

‘Oh my what a hot mess,’ said another follower. Stop playing,’ a reader said, while another added, ‘Really David, stop it dear King!’ ‘By the way, your hair has grown a lot, and I really like how it looks.’

‘That’s a wonderful selfie of you David,’ an admirer said. I just wanted to wish you and your loved ones, particularly your mother, a very happy Thanksgiving!!!!’

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‘If that’s a poor hair day, I need to simply put my head in the garbage,’ one user said.

David Adefeso is educating his followers how to be in charge of their own lives. Take a look at the post he made on his social media account.

‘While we may not have created it, it is incumbent on us to do action to break the 400-year cycle of poverty that has afflicted us.’ Who will do it for us if we don’t do it for each other? He captioned his photo with the hashtags #finance #wealthmindset #wealthbuilding #generationalwealth.

‘Agreed,’ someone said. Because the chain is only as strong as its weakest link, we must utilize our knowledge and strength to assist one another. As a result, we must work hard to deepen our ties.’

‘All these Black leaders who have lived, marched, and died, and Black people STILL accept project housing?’ remarked another follower. Great message, but like you said, regrettably. It’s a worldview that’s clearly enslaved by HOPE, as seen by all of these celebrities and athletes praising the hoods from which they came, and serving as role models for low-income youngsters and their parents. While the kids are drawn to music, drugs, gangs, prisons, and sports arenas. When feasible, we must stop taking help from any of these nations. It literally finances your oppressors’ wealth! It is not a free service. It’s a SCAM! Also included is a tool for documenting names, family income, composition, and progress. It’s like being on a plantation or, at most, on probation, and it’s only “disguised” as freedom. When true independence means living without relying on government aid. Which was intended to be a helping hand. This is not a handout. ‘From one generation to the next,’ says the narrator.

‘Projects/subsidized homes should be for ages 26 and under…handicapped seniors ONLY,’ an admirer said. If the rent isn’t bothering you, you won’t leave; nevertheless, the atmosphere and reporting obligations SHOULD, and this is why You can’t be FREE until you no longer need their services..Periodt!’

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