Essay On Laughter Is The Best Medicine For Students & Children

Laughter can help soothe your mind and body, increase focus, relieve stress, and even improve the immune system. Here’s how laughter is helping students in different parts of the world with some funny examples to get you smiling too!

Laughter is the best medicine for students and children. It’s a great way to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and improve mood. Laughter also helps release endorphins which can make you feel better.

Essay On Laughter Is The Best Medicine For Students & Children




Because India is now a developing nation, its citizens are responsible for meeting all of their own requirements.


People are now in a rush to achieve the pinnacle of their careers because they never have time for their families or friends. We also have no idea who lives next door, which is a reality.

But, in the midst of all of this, we must devote considerably more time to ourselves. Laughter is the greatest cure to stress, suffering, and conflict, as we all know. We have more fun and laugh more when we are among our pals.

Healing Ability


A good chuckle may lighten your load, encourage optimism, and keep our minds focused and alert. This has a greater ability to heal and then regenerate.

Our tension is reduced by a good hearty laugh, and our muscles are also relaxed as a result of the good laugh.

These lower our stress hormones, making us feel better, and any bacteria that do not use this are infection-fighting antibiotics, reducing our illness issues.

Cardiologists should make it a practice to chuckle since it relieves stress and allows the blood vessels to work properly, allowing the blood to flow at a steady rate.


This is due to the fact that no one can be angry or sad when laughing; instead, he or she can only be joyful, with no other emotions coming to mind.

Positive Mentality


Humor instills a good attitude in people’s lives and fosters great relationships among family members, friends, and others.

While many of the medicines prescribed by doctors make us feel better, there are some of the negative effects of the medicines that can only make us feel physically better but the truth is that we are emotionally depressed, but while laughter can make us feel better and has no side effects, it can also make us physically fit and then mentally fit.

Even in the midst of a tough situation, a simple grin or even a chuckle may help you feel better.

Laughter protects the heart from any dangerous germs; a grin on the face improves one’s significant life; if one’s face is cheerful, one has a good attitude toward life, which is very difficult.

If you are joyful in your life, all stress will be released from your head; this is very contagious—just hearing laughing primes your brain, and it participates in the pleasure of the laughter.

Be free with your life, be happy, and make the world happy as well. A funny viewpoint provides psychological distance, allowing you to be free of any overwhelming emotions. When laughing is shared by more people, happiness and closeness grow.

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The “laughter is the best medicine speech pdf” is a paper that discusses what laughter does for the body. It also talks about how laughter can help students and children to have a better day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the laughter is the best medicine?

A: Its funny because it doesnt make any sense.

What are the positive effects of laughter?

A: Some of the positive effects of laughter are that it may relieve tension, help calm you down and even release endorphins. Laughter also helps your brain to remember something easier as well as improving cognitive skills such as memory, learning and problem solving.

Who said laughter is the best medicine?

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