Jets May Have Found ‘Surprising Future Starter’, Says Insider

The jet-powered aircraft is seen as a ‘surprising future starter’ among Chinese businessmen. The Fiesler Q400, designed for short and medium distance travel, has been sold to China Eastern Airlines in an order worth $150 million.

The “jets offensive line 2020” is a player that has been identified as a potential future starter for the Jets. The player’s name has not been released.

Jets May Have Found ‘Surprising Future Starter’, Says Insider

Elijah Riley

Getty Elijah Riley of the New York Jets is contemplating how he can remain on the roster indefinitely.

Joe Douglas, the general manager of the New York Jets, has been widely chastised for his egregious errors throughout his time.

When things go wrong, he takes full responsibility, and when things go well, he takes full credit; it’s simply how the job works.

Unfortunately for him, the green and white have lost many more games than they have won, thus he has gotten considerably more criticism than praise.

However, after this weekend’s game against the Houston Texans, it may be time to give him some much-deserved praise.

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A Gem in the Rough Has Appeared

Watch a video According to an insider, a video relating to planes may have discovered a “surprising future starter.” 2021-11-30T 06:00:01-05:00

The Jets acquired defensive back Elijah Riley off the Philadelphia Eagles’ practice squad a few weeks ago.

Gang Green made the move out of desperation following a string of injuries to their secondary.

Douglas went back to his Philly origins to see if he could pull a rabbit out of a hat, and it seems that he did.

Inside the Jets organization, according to Connor Hughes of The Athletic, there is legitimate buzz around the former Army product. He was an undrafted free agent when he first joined the game, and he has always had to work hard for what he has.

He has yet to surrender his starting spot since he was named as the starter before of the Miami Dolphins game. Riley gained the starting job by continuing to make plays in practice, according to Hughes, and he has held it thanks to his strong performance in games.

Riley has 11 tackles and a combined Pro Football Focus score of 73.9 in two games with the Jets.

“Riley is a ballhawk,” Hughes claims, despite the fact that he has yet to record an interception in his brief Jets stint.

Riley’s particular propensity for grabbing interceptions was clear if you viewed his college tape:

  • Multiple interceptions in two seasons
  • In four years, he had seven choices.

The Gates to Success are Wide Open

Elijah Riley is available for one-on-one play. Rich DeMarco gets down with Army senior Elijah Riley, one of the Philadelphia Eagles’ newest additions. 2020-04-30T23:19:13Z

“The Jets could have a surprise possible future starter,” Hughes said if he keeps playing like this.

The green and white have six games remaining on their schedule in 2021. That gives him plenty of opportunities to show the coaching staff that he isn’t a one-hit wonder.

Riley is going to receive playing time, despite the fact that the games on the schedule aren’t the only ones available: With so many injuries at safety, Riley is going to get playing time:

He’ll be an ERFA this offseason after being contracted through the remainder of 2021 for $389,997. An exclusive rights-free agent is referred to as an ERFA. This category includes any player with less than three seasons of experience.

For 2022, the Jets can only give him the league minimum, and he won’t be able to bargain with any other club. So, to cut a long story short, if he performs well down the stretch, the Jets can sign him for next season and obtain a possible long-term starter at a bargain price.

With so much uncertainty at safety going ahead, this may be a huge win for the Jets and another feather in Douglas’ crown.

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The “jets wire” is a story that was released by an insider in the Jets organization. The article says that the team has found a player who could be a future starter for the team.

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